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Friday, April 28, 2017

S. Korea Part 1: The Begining

My first travel was when I was 24, I went to Hatyai with a group of people that I know from facebook, after that I decide to go for a solo trip and that’s when I started my first solo trip to Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok. I went to Guangzhau with my best friend and Vietnam for second time with a group of friends include the man that love. I though after the trip our relationship will get better but I was wrong, not long after that trip we broke up and another solo trip definitely a cure for the heartbreak. Thus, I  decided travelling to South Korea, I fall in love with Korea since Kpop invade the word then I was expose to their K-Drama and their variety of reality show especially 2 Days 1 Night urge me to go to South Korea. After 5 years of daydreaming about South Korea finally I make up my mind, luckily the ticket was on sale and I manage to book a flight to Busan, I booked the guesthouse and plan my trip carefully a months before the flight. It is kinda cliche right, but I started to believe that travel actually cure lots of people who suffering from heartbreak, I know lots of travellers who actively went for a travel to heal themselves. 
The Bus
I woke up early since I have to take a bus to Kuala Lumpur (KL), my flight was from KL International Airport (KLIA) schedule around three in the morning. I have not change the money to Won and I forgot to check if I have enough cash for the bus fare. A guy with his hat on, polo shirt match with his shabby jeans and wearing a sling beg approach me.
“Hi, going to KL?” I didn’t reply busy checking on my wallet if I have enough money.
“Sorry, but how much is the fare to KL Sentral?” I rarely travel by bus from Penang to KL, usually I book a flight but I have to save as much as I can so I decided to go with a bus. I don’t really like travel with big bus, I prefer taking flight its fast even though the economic seat not as comfortable as the bus seat.
“38 ringgit miss”
“Oh shit, do you know where is the nearest ATM” I don’t enough cash for the fare, I check in every part of my wallet just in case I found another red notes then I’ll be safe.
“It’s far from here, why?”
“I don’t enough cash right now, I only have 35 ringgit with me” I swear and I feel so stupid.
“It’s okay, just pay me 35 ringgit”
“But it is okay? Okay, how about you give me your account number I transfer you the money right now”
“It’s okay, later if u need any tickets you can just call me, buy tickets from me?” He smile. So this is how he managed to get a loyal customer. Nice strategies though.
“Oh thank you so much. I promise anytime I need ticket I will buy from you”
“By the way, I’m Rais”
“You can call me Wilma, nice to meet you. I so lucky to have meet you if not I have to walk looking for an ATM”. A little compliment would not hurt anybody indeed it could make someone’s day much better. Don’t you agree?

I handed him my only cash RM35 and he pass me the ticket together with his business card. I’m grateful at least I don’t have to walk a miles just to find the ATM with my heavy backpack. Just thinking about it makes me tired. 

To be continue...
P/s: This is a full version of my story in S.Korea. Kindly click and open "Korea" on the left side of this blog if you wish to get all the information about my trip aka the itinerary. Thank You for reading. Lots of love.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Golden rules to live harmony with strangers in one roof