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Friday, December 09, 2016

Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, Busan Korea

Day 4 at Busan and there are still tons of places I haven't go, Yeongdodaegyo Bridge is in my list. There are something special about this bridge and if you are fan of 2 Days 1 Night that aired in KBS you must be familiar with this place. To be honest, I went to all places that 2 days 1 Night went for shooting, hahaha from the beach to the market to the cultural village to the bridge. Yeap I am a big fan of 2 Days 1 Night show.
The bridge connects Jung-gu and Yeongdo-gu district in Busan. It was built in Nov 1934 and its was the first island-land connecting bridge in Busan, same like Penang bridge that we have in Malaysia but only the function same, hahahaha. The bridge is the only single bascule bridge in Korea and the bridge lifts up on one side to make way for large vessels.
The bridge only lifted once everyday particular on 2pm. I was so unlucky that day since I came at 2.15pm, I miss it. So I just sit there taking some fresh air and talking to the local people.
Its located at Taejong-ro, Yeongdo-gu which you can reach there by subway Line 1 stop at Nampo Station and take Exit number 8.
Btw, the ajjusi very friendly and we are like talking in alien language. hahahaha I'm not very good speak in korean.hahahaha

Noted: all picture taken by iphone 5c without any filter apps.

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