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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dalmaji-gi, Busan Korea

Day 1 at korea, the journey started with a walk in Dalmaji-gi, I was staying near here at Moon & Sun Guesthouse. Its was located in a hill so yeap everyday is a hiking day. Since its summer, everywhere is fully with green and in another season this place look different. Every weekend, there a flea market along the road but I was staying there in weekday and on thurdays I was taking a bus to Seoul, so I yeap I miss the flea market in Dalmaji-gi. It was part of the attraction there.
This is the main point of Dalmaji-gi, the pavilion. If you are fans of 2 Days 1 Night. this is the spot where the member completed the challenge so that they eat in the yatch.

From here you can enjoy the view of Heaundae Beach.

 This is the place where people come to watch moon, Thus the trail of the trail called "Moontan Rail".
Since I was staying in this area for 3 days, my morning routine will be walking in the Moontan Trail as warm up I guess. hahahahahaha. The trail gentle slope attract many local people going up and down everyday for exercise, some are cycling in here too. This is a place where you also can enjoy fresh air or nature since its located in the top of the hill and surrounded by the green trees everywhere.
This place also known as "the rich town", a lots of luxury cafe, hotel and guesthouse located here. Every building in here have its own uniqueness architecture design.

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*All pictures taken by Iphone 5C without any filter apps.

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