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Friday, December 16, 2016

Busan's Abandoned Railway, Busan Korea

From Dalmaji-gi, you can take walk to Heaundea beach, in between the journey you'll found the abandoned railway. Once again, If u are fan of KDB special drama, I think this is the place where the shoot for "Summer Boy". heheheheh Maybe because its look the same like in the movie.
Its an abondan railtrail that used to be Heaundea Station, but now it have become tourist attraction for photoshoot. I'm having hard time trying to get nice shoot here. Hahahaha this is the worst part travelling alone. nobody take your picture LOL.
On my way to the beach I actually accidently found this place, its not in my list but yeap its fate. hahahahah 

*All pictures taken by Iphone 5c without any filter apps
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