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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yeongdusan Park

and yeap I do walk a lot, with help of city map I walked to Yeongdusan Park. During summer the weather are unexpected. But even though it was raining I walk through it. Yeap tough girl! LOL!
The park located in top of a hill so again after Gamcheon Village I need to hike to get there. Busan Tower located in this park, its 120 meter high tower commands a particularly impressive view of Busan.
Its said that they have various events and programs held every season in here but when I was there, no events were held..hahahahaha not a good timing. I can be reach using escalator but I just know that later, I'm actually hike to get there.
Behind me is the escalator leading to the Gwangbok-ro Street.
Behind me is the Busan Citizens Bell which installed as a symbol of Busan. The Watched-Night Bell Ceremony held on January 1, Independence Movement Day (March 1) and during national Liberation day.

All pictures taken by Iphone 5c without any filter apps

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