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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hauendae Boat Cruise

At evening, I went back to Haeundae Beach just to take some fresh beach air before going back to the guesthouse.
I spent most of my day here.
But the thing I made a friend there and he bought me a ticket for a boat tour. Well, I didn't ask for it but he insist so we went for a boat tour for 1 hour. I dont really enjoy it since its raining for a while and its cloudy. I hardly take a good picture.
Not so many people maybe because of the weather.
Actually from this boat tour, we can simply enjoy the view of Dongbaek Island, Gwangan Bridge, Igadae Coastal Walk and the Oryuk-do. You be lucky if you went on good weather.
So, it was summer and its mean open concert every night. YuhuuuI manage to watch DJ DOC performance that night. The beach crowded and the atmosphere happening and fun.

All picture taken by Iphone 5C without using any filter apps.
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