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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gukje Market, Jagalchi Market & BIFF Square

After spending my half day at Gamcheon Cultural Village, I move to these three places Gukje Market, Jagalchi Market & BIFF Square which is located near to each other. I dont take so much picture in these places since my phone is lowbat, But, its just kinda nice to walk around without even bother to take picture.

From Gamcheon Village I take the same bus again directly to Jagalchi Station. (You can read how I went to Gamcheon Village by clicking this link) Then walk 300 meters toward Jagalchi1-gil, from here you can just wandered around. You'll find the other two places; Gukje Market and BIFF Square.

Gukje Market become famous since a movie called "Gukjesijang" being filmed there. The market used to be a place where Japanese sold war materials after Korea's Indepence.

Jagalchi Market famous for its slogan "Come, See and Buy' but I just come to see not to buy..hahahaha Since I'm a Muslim so I very cautious when buying things especially when its come to food and beverage.

BIFF Square is the abbreviation for the Busan International FilmFestival. Its a venue that allows us to get a vivid feel for Busan, a city of film.

All pictures taken by Iphone 5c without using any apps filters.
Nesxt: Yeongdusan Park

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