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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Backpacker Busan Korea

I've always wanted to go to Korea, do u guys remember my older post about it? Finally I made it!!!!!!

So, I went to Busan last month 1-5 August 2016. The best thing about summer at Busan they are celebrating Busan Sea Festival. I was having so fun there, Busan like other metropolitan city its never sleep. The beach very happening and very crowded, I guess they only can swim and playing in the beach only in summer. They have open concert every night, so many beautiful places and everyday is hiking day. Here I share simple itinerary for my trip to Busan, will update soon in more detail for every places I went, shopping hout at korea, what I ate for 2 weeks there and about people I have met stay tune!


Day 1
-1 way subway ticket from Gimpo airport to Sasang st. 2600won
-Tmoney 2500won
-Topup Tmoney 10,000won
-Check in Sun&Moon Guesthouse
3 days 40,000won
*Dalmaji-gi Road
*Busan's Abandoned Railway
*Haeundae Beach
*Sun&Fun Haeundae Market-lunch banana fruits 5000won and banana milk 1300won, jeju oren juice 2000won
[all * walking distance, free entrance]
Total day 1 = 63,400won

Day 2
-1 day pass subway ticket 4500won
-instant rice 3pack 2600won
-mineral water 3000won
*Gamcheom Cultural Village
*Gukje Market*BIFF Square*Jagalchi Market
*Yeongdusan Park
[except *Gamcheom, the rest are walking distance, all free entrance]
*Hauendae Boat Cruise (1 hour can enjoy view of Dongbaek Island, Gwangan Bridge, Igadae Coastal Walk, Oryuk-do) cost 22,000won**Someone pay for me so I save a lot of money here.
*DJ DOC open concet at Haeundae beach since its was Busan Sea Festival
Total day 2 = 10,100won

Day 3
-1 day pass subway ticket 4500won
-mineral 900won
-locker 1500won
-banana milk 1300won
*Taejongdae Park (hikinglah offcourse)
*Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream (must come before 8pm)
*Jimjilbang 7000won (culture shock)
Total day 3 = 15,200won

Day 4
-locker 1500won, Topup Tmoney 10,000won
-mineral 1750, banana milk 1300, banana 2500
*Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (I went there late so I miss the bridge being raised, must come before 2pm)
*Haeundae beach
*12am taking bus to Seoul 37,600won
Total day 4 = 54,650won

I spent the rest of the 11 days at Seoul..will write soon (kalau tengok iti macam tak makan sgt kan? I was lucky bc everytime I duduk seorg2 there will be ajussi, ajumma so kind giving me fruits and I meet this one friend at Haeundae beach, that friend paid my ticket for the boat cruise and my dinner at Sun&Fun H market. Too bad I dont take their photo since they were like no no no its okay)

visit my IG for more picture @wilma_lifetravelog
Total cost 4 days for Busan 143,350 = RM513

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