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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What you should doing now so you wont regret it 5 years later.

1. Don't have that extra slice of pizza, you've had enough to eat already - you will regret it.

2. You don't need that new TV, and you certainly shouldn't put that on a store payment plan - by the time you've paid it off in 3 years you could have bought another television with the interest you paid out.

3. Do keep your living expenses low, like a business you want to have good cash flow and low operating costs.  

4. You don't need that new car - sure the sticker price says 19,997 on the windscreen but by the time the salesperson is done with you somehow you now paying $47, 897 @ 5.01 % interest over 8 years.  Meanwhile your neighbor is selling a perfectly good 2006 Ford Escape AND it has winter tires on it - you idiot.

5. You should do some push ups - like right now, do it......I'll wait....

yeah I bet that was hard eh? now keep doing that everyday.

6. Live small - you don't need that 5 bedroom house with 3.5 bathrooms and a sunroom.  You'll end up working yourself to death to pay for it, spending untold money to heat and cool the multitude of rooms you'll maybe spend 5% of your time in.  Seriously when was the last time you just chilled in your front family room for more then 20 minutes.

7. Learn a new skill, it could be anything but start now and in 5 years you'll be pretty damned good at it.  

8. Don't burn bridges, you never know when you'll need to use them to reach safety.