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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY: Sleveeless Lace Dress

I was looking at my wardrobe and I found out that I have too many tshirt and sleeveless. Its look too boring and I want something new in my wardrobe. Lately Im so into streetstyle so I got an idea to transform my sleeveless into lace dress.. and the outcome was really nice and I want to share how I make it. So if you guys want to try it check out the DIY here..

1st, u must have this kind of lace, I bought it at Kamdar half meter RM8
Just simply cut it into the length that u want
Must have a sleeveless
To bind it together, u must have needle and thread
Just sew it together, if u know how to use sewing machine, then its good 4 u.
 I just sew it by my hand cause I dun know how to use the machine
The outcome: Sleeveless lace dress
How to style this Sleeveless lace dress in street stlye, look at how I style it and maybe it will give you some inspiration.. yayy!!
~Denim Jacket~
~Forever21 boots~
~Fruits wide shawl~
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