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Friday, August 29, 2014

Product Review: Nivea Whitening Deodorant Spray and Stick

"Warning: This review base on my experience using these two Nivea product and not sponsored by any party"

Its is very important for every girls to take care of their body as well as included the underarm skins. I am very concern about my underarm and body odor and I'm sure there are no girls in this world wish to have a dark underarms, sticky, smelly armpit and bad odor that causes by the perspiration specially for someone that kinda active (talking about ownself..hehehe but I'm sure you're active too rite?...) What I'm going to write is a review about Nivea 48 Hours Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray and also Nivea Extra Whitening Pores Minimizing Antiperspirant Stick. I am pretty sure you guys know how to apply the spray and stick deodorant so I will just highlight what I like and dislike about the product.

Nivea 48 Hours Extra Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

This product said that it is 48 hour reliable antiperspirant protection, contain Licorice extracts that will support the skin's natural repair process for whiter and smooter underarms, contain Witch Hazel that effectively minimize underarm pores enlarged by frequent shaving and pluging, contain no alcohol that makes it skin tolerence dermatologically proven. 

That's what been written in that product. Now its my turn to write a review. Lets start with what I really like about this Nivea deodorant spray. First, its fragrance I kinda like because I can feel its freshness and cool sensation from it and when I apply it on my underarms its dry very fast and does not leave any white patch behind. That's it!

Unfortunately, this Nivea deodorant spray does not works well on me. Its claim will provided 48 protection but it didn't. It doesn't make me feel fresh and dry all the day, not a antiperspirant as mention in its bottle. Moreover, its not suitable for someone with sensitive skin (talking about myself again), I find that it cause me feel sticky after a while and my body kinda smelly even though its have awesome fragrance but when I apply it on my underarms the reality its totally out from the expectation. Apply to the hurt skin and you will feel the pain, not a gentle and tolerance to skin. 

I had been using this product for a weeks and honestly I don't really like it. I got a really bad odor by using this product. I wont purcase it anymore.

 Nivea Extra Whitening Pores Minimizing Antiperspirant Stick

After having a bad experience with the Nivea Deodorant Spray, I still want to try another deodorant product from Nivea because I really like Nivea lotion and I thought maybe only Nivea deodorant spray doesn't suitable on my body and I should give a another chance to Nivea deodorant. After all I have friends that using Nivea deodorant and she's very satisfied using it and I was like "okay lets give a chance to Nivea deodorant again", So I had been trying out Nivea Extra Whitening Pores Minimizing Antiperspirant Stick.

This Nivea deodorant stick almost have similar function like the Nivea deodorant spray namely provided 48 hour reliable antiperspirant protection, lightens the dark underarms, alcohol free and dermatologically approved for skin compatibility. Like the spray, its also have good fragrance, should give an applause to Nivea for its success provided an awesome fragrance to its every product.  Once again I fall in love with the fragrance but unfortunately after a while the fragrance transformed into a really great bad odor, smelly, sticky and not a antiperspirant at all. Even worse its make my underarms skin faces redness and irritation. Such a pain! 

I made my decision that I wont fall into the commercial trap on tv and I wont purcase any Nivea deodorant product. 

Some product might works well on other but not on you. So be wisely and choice what is suitable to your body. This is just my review after using these two product. Rite now I'm using deodorant by Dove and will write a review about it soon. I hope this will help you in choosing what deodorant you will purcase if you would like to buy one. Thanks guys for the support. 

Lots of love..>.< hug :)


  1. sye pkai ni dah lame . spray punye, best sngt .

    1. tapi saya pakai tak elok..buat badan saya bau busuk aka bau masam..da lah saya ni aktif, peluh plak banyak tambah2 kat ketiak.. :( tapi skrg guna dove deo baru 2 hari..terbaik..memang anti peluh..xda lagi bau masam..huhuhuhuhuhu