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Friday, August 29, 2014

Product Review: Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream with Rosehip Oil

As I always mention in my older post I have really bad sensitive skin, I can not simply apply any product on my skin or else redness and irritation will occur. So almost for a months I'm looking for a skin product that suitable with my skin condition, I've been ask beauty consultant at Guardian and surf a lot about sensitive skin product specially to overcome ance scars problem. ermm I have a lots of problems on skin matter and its hard for me to look for a skin product because of my sensitive skin.

About this cosmoderm product I heard about it long time ago since I'm struggling to overcome my ance problem and I read about it on others blog and one day I don't how I end up standing at the skin product corner at Guardian Quensbay Mall and after a while thinking and staring at these product without any hesitation I bought it. So, here is my review about Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream with Rosehip Oil.

Its cost me around RM 22.90 if I'm not mistaken. I bought this product after a while I stop using Nivea Sparkling Day Care, you can read my review about it here. This Vitamin E cream 3000 IU with Rosehip Oil claim faster scar-healing, nourish, revitalize and moisturize deep inside the skin to prevent effects of premature aging, fades away wrinkles, fine-lines and scars while firming skin. 

The cream texture kinda like lotion and soft. Only small amount needed and enough for whole face skin. I merely use my forefinger to take the cream and apply to whole my face using two finger "that peace symbol" Y :) such a convenient and affordable product. Can use like for 5 to 8 months. The rosehip fragrance I really love. Totally in love with rosehip smell. Normally I use it as base on my daily makeup routine before applying faudation on my face. Yup it keep my skin moist the whole day but didn't make my skin oily that badly, also didn't make my skin brighter just "moistening the skin".

Ermm it also claim that the combine of vitamin E faster scar-healing and that the main reason I'm giving atry to this product. Yup to eliminate my ance scars. Well its not that faster to heal the ance scars but slow and taken much time. I don't think after finish the whole bottle 50gm you will be able to get rid the ance scars, consistency is really needed to remove the ance scars. I didn't get rid of my ance scars 100% yet but this product minimize my ance scars a bit by time to time. Its quite good on my skin because I didn't get any redness or irritation using it. So, I think I'm going to purchase it again and be consistent using it to get rid my ance scars problem. Thats it, Thank you guys.

Lots of love and hug >.< ! Assalamualaikum

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