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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sem Break Story p.1

Hi guys, so its a holidays...yeah!!!

How's your day guys? Did you spent your holiday wisely or just having fun?
Hehehehe well actually am planning to do some research on my thesis on this sem break but what really happen is am spending my holiday for fun. Hahahaha. We can just plan it rite. its not wrong it is rite?

Im boarding from kl to tawau on 20 Jan and what make me happy is my bf come to airport to take me. huhuhuhu ok enough about him. For the first week am at Sabah am spending my sem break at Mabul Island at my aunt homestay. I got some pictures in my phone but rite now am typing at cyber cafe and I didnt bring my usb cable. So no pictures for this post.

If am not mistaken i was there for 4 days and 3 nights. ergh Mabul is such a nice place as usually, I always spent my sem break there for at least one day and this time i been there for quite few days. What i dun really like is my skin kinda sensetive. My pimples burst out due to the hot weather and "salt water". Okay what i mean by salt water is the main source for the water supplier there is from the underground we called it "air perigi" and the water is quite taste like a salt.

Rite now I only have one week to spent before my flight to kl this 14 feb. BTW, I dun really have anything to do in home and I dun feel like want to do my research yet. FYI, on 7 feb his sister getting marry and I with him will become the "pengapit"...

The story of "pengapit" will be write soon...hahahha

bha2 thats it, continue watching "superman is back" on utube. Have fun guys!! I'll write soon...

Assalamualaikum. :)