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Friday, January 17, 2014

Bracelets, Opening Promotion


WA 102 = RM 4
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WA105 = RM4
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WA104 = RM4
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaser: Coming Soon, Bracelets Colection!

Attention Bracelets lover,

Chain bracelets and Pearl bracelets collection will be out soon. Price around RM10-RM20 only.
Stay tune!!!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2013 Favourite Blazer/jacket

These are my favourite blazer/jacket for 2013.

Malaysia weather are hot and humid, some people might think you look stupid when you wear blazer or jacket in this hot weather even though the fact that you have to wear it b/c you work in cold air condition room or maybe you have class in really cold lecture hall. People should start think positively about others. I have that one friends always talking somethings like this:
"WTF, its hot why do they wear jacket?!"
Erghh leave them alone..they dun even bother you. maybe they just finish their class in lecture hall and still feel cold.

When I am wearing blazer or jacket, I always trying not to care about what people might think about me. I am actually comfortable with my blazer on me. Its fun to wear i, i dont know how to explain. its like you wearing something you really like.
So, you guys should choose a good blazer for outdoor, the one that make you feel not really hot and comfortable. Lets look at my pieces of blazer that I always wear when going outdoor. Most of them are short blazer b/c I dont want to sweat a lot. You know what i mean rite?

Fav no. 4 
can be fold also :)
I like the line design and the colour. Its kinda funky and I rare see people wearing something like this. I haven't saw it so far. The material I dont really know. Its kind a smooth cloth when you touch it feel like leather but its not, its light to wear and its got that sparkle all over of it.  Unfortunately, its disappear after washing it a lot. Oh its only RM10, I bought it from one of the store at Times Square Kuala Lumpur. There's a lot cheapest wardrobe there if you know how to search it. :)

Fav no. 3

This is my third fav blazer. There's saying like this "Every woman should have at least 1 black jacket/blazer". But since its kinda hot here (Malaysia) I decide not to pick something that really black. What I really like about this is the bling bling detail, its make it look glam. I saw many people wear blazer like this. Its cost me around RM25, I bought at Bukit Jambul Pulau Pinang. What I dont like is, the cloth types kind a hot and I prefer to wear it at night.

Fav no. 2

I call this jacket "Army's jacket" b/c of the colour. its a dark green and I feel like an army when i am wear it. lol nonsense! I like this jacket and I'm wear it quite often when I'm went to class. Its not thick and I like the lining inside. Its really comfortable. I bought it for RM25 at bundle shop here at Penang, forgot the name. The store super duper rocks, they sell secondhand branded clothes.

Here's my very favourite jacket!!!

Fav no. 1

this is my fav jacket ever for 2013. I really like how the button placed. Amazing about this jacket, its keep me warm when its cold yet comfortable to wear outdoor.  i also get it from secondhand branded clothes shore for RM25 only.

And here's my fav no. 5

sceme blazer 
I dont really like something that kinda formal concept. I rarely wear it..I merely wear it if I have presentation. The good thing about it, its make me looks like an office woman yet nerd girl.. Lol... Btw, its cost me around RM35, from wardrobe boutique at Perangin Mall, Penang.

I dont really know about fashion but its doesn't mean I know nothing about fashion. I just wear something that comfortable yet stylish and did not cost me lots of penny. 
That's all


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Review: Samsung LTE SHV-160s

I have been using this model for 4 months. I bought it from Lazada and cost me around RM899 including postage. Sincerely, since I bought it, I never regret it. My BF keep saying that the international version is so much better and mine was korean clone and that was not so good compare to note N7000. Well I dont know how good is N7000 but I know how good is Shv-160s. That time, I also dont really know whats the different between clon and the original. He said that N7000 is the only original of note 1, other than that are fake and clone. But for me as long as its work well there's no problem to use cheapest gagdet, its just different version. He's using international version N7000 that cost around RM1700 and mine is shv-160s original LTE version.

*Samsung Note SHV-160s LTE version with higher-speed communications ability, available exclusively only at South Korea. Internal specs are similar to the American AT&T version. It is equipped with dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 (APQ8060 1.5 GHz) processor, Adreno 220 GPU and TV support instead of FM radio. The exterior is similar to the international N7000 version on the front (it has the central physical button instead of the capacitative buttons). 4G Network , Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors , 8 MP Primary 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Secondary 2 MP camera Skype Video call support , Android 4.1.2 JellyBean OS, Dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Processer, Internal 16GB memory,Gps,Wifihotspot and much more...

To deny that saying Samsung LTE version from korea is a clone, I do read some post on other blog about samsung clone smartphone, they said the clone did not provide apps such S note apps, ColorNote and other app from Samsung. Apps from PlayStore also hard to instal and sometimes its not working. But mine are different, its got S note apps and I can download apps from Samsung Apps, same goes to Playstore, I can download and its work well on my phone. The only thing is, when i receive the parcel through COD, the S pen didn't work and can't be use. I dont know why? Its broken maybe? I want to return it and change for a new one but im so lazy to pack it back and got so much thing to do if I want to return it to Lazada. So I just bought a new Spen made from China RM60. To make it short, u guys can look at these pictures and compare it to your note 1 original version.

S note App works well 
with the China's S pen I bought 

Some people worry if the LTE on the E160S only set to work on the network that was sold from such as KT or LGU in South Korea. No more worry, you still can use network from your country namely mine in Malaysia I'm using Celcom network. The things are you can't access to some apps like sns, downloading app from tstore, t map, t membership, t cloud, t service, t stock, t store book b/c its have been set on to work on network sold from KT or LGU in South Korea only. Still you can download apps from Samsung Apps and Playstore.

I dont know what else to show and tell u guys. If you have question, u are welcome to ask me, write your comment below. :) Its just a short review about this model. (short?? really?) *forgot to tell, you have to cut your normal sim card b/c its using mini-sim. i do cut it by myself :) peace. Conclusion, Samsung Lte version from korea not a clone phone, its just a different version of notes, LTE samsung galaxy note from korea are original LTE version not a clone version

ok guys, thats all.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

Aku kekok fizikal contact

Tadi petang lepas selesai jak jawab exam General English kami geraklah maw p Tesko bah konok beli belanja dapur. Sebelum tu kami singgahlah masjid kebetulan da azan solat asar. Dipendekkan cerita, habis jak solat berjemaah macam besalah akan ada sesi bersalaman dan berlaga-laga pipi. Jujur aku sangat kekok bukan sebab aku berlagak ka apa, mungkin aku da tebiasa sejak kecil jarang sekali melakukan adegan sedemikian.. maksud aku berlaga-laga pipi walaupun sesama sejantina. aku rasa kekok sangat-sangat. Aku hanya melihat gelagat-gelagat mereka mencari jalan menggelak untuk belaga-laga pipi ni. Tiba-tiba gadis disebelahku menghulurkan tangan untuk bersalaman. Tak kanlah aku nak buat tak tahu jak kan. aku pun senyum dan menghulurkan tangan untuk besalaman. Nampak sangat aku kekok bila berlaga pipi hanya pipi sebelah kanan yang saling berlaga, pipi kiri tak berlaga pun, jauh sungguh jaraknya, tak dapat aku jangkakan. Aku hanya tersengih-sengih mungkin dia pun perasan aku nampak kekok melakukan adegan itu. kawan-kawan aku memang tahu aku sensetif bab-bab fizikal contact ni sebab itulah dorang pun jarang nak bersalaman dengan aku.

Aku bolehlah dikatakan hidup dalam keluarga yang agak rock. Ibu ku Hajah tapi bapa belum berkesempatan lagi menunaikan Haji. Kami jarang melakukan sentuhan fizikal macam bersalam atau berpelukan..bepegang tanganpun masa nak melintasi jalan raya, itu pun dengan mak. Hanya apabila aku balik kampung atau balik USM, barulah ada adegan bersalaman, bercium pipi dan berpelukan dengan ahli-ahli keluarga. ouuh please dun judge our life style. Kami memang agak rock tapi kami sangat rapat dan terlalu menyayangi antara satu sama lain cuma bab-bab fizikal contact ni agak jarang dilakukan.

Tiap kali hari raya wajiblah bersalam-salaman ni kan.. Masalahnya bila da sesi berkunjung or dikunjungi aku akan rasa was-was, timbul persoalan di otak ni nak salam orang ka tidak. Ntahlah..aku memang tak bepa suka bersalam-salam ni. Bukan sebab tak ada rasa hormat cuma ntahla kenapa. Even though bila ada orang terlanggar sikit badan aku ni, rasa lain da. Terus peluk tubuh, nak marah pun ada. Tapi sejak da berkali-kali kena tegur oleh someone, aku berusaha ringankan tangan bersalaman. Aku hanya akan salam orang-orang yang tua, mulanya aku hanya salam dengan posture sedikit tunduk pun kena comment..lepas tu aku tukar style, salam dengan letak tangan orang yang aku salam dekat dahi pun kena comment. Kini, aku da boleh salam orang dengan cium sekali tangan yang aku salam tu tapi rasa lain macam tu masih ada. 

Junior2 aku kat U ni pula rajin salam senior, bolehlah jadi sebahaian latihan untuk aku bersalaman dengan orang. Mungkin juga sebab aku 10 tahun mendapat pendidikan cina, budaya hidup pula agak kebaratan sebab bapa ku berbangsa bisaya. ok la da ada kesedaran bila da besar ni. Dulu menjadi budaya hidup bila berjumpa dengan yang lebih tua akan menundukkan badan dalam 90 darjah. Sejak hidup mula terdedah dengan macam-macam budaya ni, budaya menundukkan badan yang aku pelajari dari kecil mulai lupus dari kebiasaan hidupku.

Cara Islam lebih baik.. aku masih berusaha membuang rasa kekok bila bersalaman dengan orang lain. takut juga orang salah paham, nanti aku difikir sombong ka sebab tak nak salam orang. Chayok2! Usaha tangga kejayaan..pssttt.. adakah yang sama situasinya dengan aku??? 

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Padini hunting

Hujung-hujung tahun camni memang banyak yang sale gila-gila sampai tak tahu nak beli yang mana...

Baru-baru ni aku pergilah Queensbay shopping ma roomate aku, waaa memang sale gila kat sana..rambang mata ni rasa nak beli je semuanya..kebetulan lak duit insentif apex usm da kuar seribu..apa lagi huntinglah kat Queensbay.

Nak dipendekkan cerita, ini adalah hasil hunting kat padini jak, belum masuk store yang lain..beratus jugalah yang abis..hola aku beli bukan tuk diri sendiri..aku beli juga untuk orang rumah taw...lalalalala hanya di padini yang tengah sale gila2, kos perbelanjaan adalah RM92.00# :)

Jom cek!

I must be crazy buying 5 pair of shoes for my own.
Its for my sister and niece.

remember this from secret garden Kdrama?

ya i bought one but different colour..hehehe. 
hard to wash..hand wash only 
sweater by P&Co Essential

top quotes "now or never" by P&Co Essential
*baru lepas cuci sebab itu kusut2

and its fit on me..huhuhu

*FYI, i write this last year but ends up post it on new year..huhuhuhu*

see ya and have a blast new year guys!!