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Friday, December 13, 2013

Product Review: Nivea Sparkling White Day Care

Nivea Sparkling White Day Care

Assalamualaikum my silent today I will write short review about this product. Look at the picture for more detail about the product..

Its been a year I didn't use an kind of product because I got really serious senssetive skin. I don't even use wash cleanser or cream.. I just drink Ferwhite everyday.. So few months ago, I bought this nivea cream..

For the first week, my face get really oily. I don't understand b/c it say that this product "oil control". I stop using on day but use in as my night cream..yeah b/c i dun put any cream on face during night and I want to know if its works better on night...I keep on using every night for 2 weeks..crap! pimples burst out and I have to cover it with BB cream.. I'm using Maybeline BB cream that time.

I guess nivea cream didn't works well with m skin.. Luckily I have my calamine lotion to treat my pimples.

What is so good about this that I only need small amount of it for my whole face..its really convenient.. I guess if I keep using it, I can use it for 5 months or a year. I stop put in on my face b/c my face getting more pimples. But its such a waste if I trow it in my dustbin. Rite?

hehehehe then I put on my heel..guess what? wow amazing..its works well. My heel getting softer and softer and become kinda pinky.. Unfortunately, I lost my nivea cream in hotel... and now I officially stop using nivea cream on m face or on my heel.. the end.

The key point is the Nivea Sparkling White Day Care Cream makes my face oily and I got lots of small pimples on face again. But its works well on my heel. BTW this cream cost me around RM25 only.

Thats all for today.. I'll write review about other product next time such as Maybeline's product (using it now), Vessaline lotion, Nuractor faudation, and etc.. #hug #smile #loveyaguys