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Friday, November 22, 2013

My Lose Weight Regime 2013

Hi guys,

So today I wanna share about my regime on losing weight within 2 months. Actually 2 months is my short term goal. For my long-term goal, I just going to maintain my ideal body weight n stay fit, that i achieve in short-term goal and staying healthy. FYI, I am not obes, I just wanna feel more healthy, energetic, getting strong and get my body tone like a model..<---hahahaha really? YES!!!

I have started my regime this month (November 2013) like hell but still I am eating my fav food in low calories intake namely when i eat like burger, I cut it into 2 portion and I do not drink anything like soda or juice just water.

I do exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes and sometimes I did it for an hour and my body burning like crazy. But seriously guys, its feel great after sweating a lot. It will be hard for the first time but guys, please if you love yourself and wanna be a healthy person, you better WORK IT OUT! (Jullian, the Biggest Loser coach). Personally, i really high recommend you to Fitness blander channel on youtube. They have all kind of workout and you can choose whatever you like and better for you, started from low impact to high impact cardio workout, tonning and strenght.

Besides that, I also did Teabo workout. Its not merely for you to lost weight but also a martial art that you can use to protect yourself. Like fitness blander, doing Teabo I also burning and got sweat a lot like I'm take a bath with sweat.

Here's my timetable on how I track the effectiveness of my regime and some rules.

*not 45kg but 48KG

Lets WORK IT OUT!!!!