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Monday, July 01, 2013

End of Semester 4

Hi guys, here is my story... ermm time pass so fast rite..*broken english sorry..I'm trying to improve my English..I hope u guys doesn't mind I wrote this in English.. :)

I do nothing much this year..I didn't join any big event like when I was first year..I didn't join International Fiesta Hokey anymore.. ouh forgot I just join that Malam Citra Bayu event. Other than that, I'm just went to my class, my room and libry doing my assignment n my stuff so on.... I also didn't jon any dinner this year..auchh I have prepared my dress for the dinner but I got sick and can't going out.. :( I know my life as University's student seem like boring... :( .. For me.. My second year in University ermmm "okaylah" i guess..

My assignment, ouhhh its better this semester.. For all course that I have been taken, guess what..I don't got an "A" for my History course, I just just don't get it..Why??? Only Islamic Studies I got "A" for my assignment..May Allah bless me.

My relationship with my BFF getting worst..In the past, we (five of us) always hang out until midnight together having fun,  karaoke, having lunch and dinner together, study and playing together but this semester we don't really seeing each other....

My exam..I believe I do well...just gonna wait and see how is the result.. I hope I don't get any "C" its really annoying guys...My dad really don't like "C".. For three semester in row I got one "C" in every semster..I really hope that in my forth semester I don't see any "C" anymore..

My weight..O my gosh!! I don't loss any weight.. My diet is not working..I think I'm gain weight lol.. My friend Justinah really know how to cook and I ended up eat a lots when she cooked for us..

Btw, tomorrow I'm going back to Sabah.. Its Exam celebration and summer time..erghh its always summer here in Malaysia!!! Yeah!! but..ermm I don't really like stay at home.. never mind...just forget it.. I'm gonna spent my one month and half at home..erghh..

Here, I wanna say thanks to Frendy for dropping me and my roommate to airport tomorrow morning.. :)  Ouh Frendy is just a friend..nothing more..I just know him yesterday...He is my friend's cousin and I got feeling that he is such a good person.. Gonna make him one of my BFF...

Another things is about segment that I have been sponsored..some of the winner I'm really sorry if u still didn't get your prize.. If post office return the parcel to my address..I promised that I sent it back to you guys.. I know some of u didn't get your prize b/c of technical issue such as wrong address and missing..For any segment that still running, please, kindly text me your segment winner if your segment already end okay dear...

Okay..IC checked! Ticket cheked! done!.. when I'm in Sabah, I can't post very often anymore..ermm my home didn't have internet network..and I'm quite lazy going to cyber cafe..

Not really for year but for a while :)

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