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Monday, May 13, 2013

Sketsa di Rumah: Astro

I miss that feeling when I watching Invicible Youth, Dream Team, 1 Day 2 Night and Happy Together. I was laughing until my stomach hurt a lot.. I feel the joyful and nothing no worry..hilang stress deh..

Everytime when I get home from school, I will open KBS channel and eat infront of the tv..yeah I know people always do like that including myself. Its the only things that I love to do after school..watching KBS channel..

Sometimes my dad watching tv when I get home..and I will..

"Pang, channel 301 bha..ada bagus main sekarang"

Then my dad will throw away remote control..hahahaha sound ganas rite.. but when he really enjoy watching that channel and I come disturbing him..tada..

"maw kamu saja taikut"<---lempar remote control

His favourite channel AXN, Historical channel and semualah channel2 orang potih ni dia suka..
We become best friend when watching AXN channel together..huhuhuhu CSI specially

But i dun care as long as I can watch my KBS... hahahaha because my dad look like a lion but actually he kind heart..

In the evening my dad will scold me, he will scream from the kitchen, sometimes from bawah kolong(bawah rumah)...he always lepak there I dun know what he doing.. tukang ntah apa2 jak..

"Wilma kasi matilah tv tu dari tadi hidup!"

My sister also argue with me about channel..she is more into Indonesia channel like Pelangi and Bintang.. erghh I'm sick with Indonesia drama..annoying..

"Tukar channel la bha, ndak bagus juga tu critanya, lagipun ada ulangan juga"

That way I persuade my sis.. she also sometimes will give up on me and change the channel but sometimes she will get mad like..

"maw kau saja diikut, tiada ulangan kok ni!"

ermmm but most of the time she will give up and give the remote control to me..huhuhu

Anak buah I? No need to tell la..they will cry when I change channel on the time they where watching Ceria, Dand Disney.. hahaha but...


In the night, my mom will come.. o she is enterpeneur.. I said it.. because she used to sell my kind of things in her lifetime.. at this time she selling breads. But now she is retired.. After dine, all my family will be sitting together watching tv.. This part, I always argue with my mom..She want Zee channel but me, I want KBS channel.. we always fighting and argue about channel.

I wont change the channel until my dad angry..huhuhu if hindustan that night interesting, I will join watching but if not.. I wait until my mom sleeping and I quietly change channel..

Always every night, the tv watching me not me watching tv..means "sleeping while the tv still on" and my parents always angry about it.. its about "BIL ELEKTRIK"


  1. ohh.. I have no time to watch my channel bcoz my younger brother always watching his channel.. yeah.. cartoon.. so, I just watch on youtube.. hehe...