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Friday, December 14, 2012

Between love and family? When family didn't bless your relationship.

Relationship that did not get bless from parents truly the tough thing. Its ruin your relationship and you only have two choice either to stay or move on? Usually parents didn't bless your relationship with someone often because of different standards of living, education, appearance and so on.

When the family began to show their displeasure against your lover, they willing do anything to ruin your relationship and even small issue between you and your partner developed into a big issue. They willing to marry you with other person that they more like to be their son/daughter in law. This situation certainly bring adverse impacts on your love world.

More Ironically, when both side didn't agree with your relationship and trying harder to separate you and your partner. For them it seem like love simply doesn't  sufficient for couple to move to the next stage- marriage. In this moment, moral support from your friends very important if you want your relationship to be everlasting.

This situation could actually happen to anyone, and often it happen because of different education standard, wealth, culture and religion. Its can be one side that didn't agree with your relationship and it tough when both side didn't agree. People used to tell that parents choice is the best for their children but in this cases sometimes we wish our parents be more understanding.

The decision made by you and your partner. Especially if you're daring plan to continue the relationship. Do not be desperate or burdensome partner by putting it in between two options. You have to support each other. Do tell your partner that you proud with him/her because still with you fighting for your love. Give your partner positive words.

The best way is to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If you already decided to get married, it's time your families need to know more about their candidates in-law. But for a families who are concerned about the position, its difficult to ask them to accept you as you are yourself.

What to do ya? I guess you have to hide your childish attitude. Show your parents that you are mature enough to make decision about your life if you are 21 and above.

Explain to family wisely about your partner good side. Let your family know that you have someone in your heart and ask them to accept your partner because there are no perfect person in this world. Persuade your family and same goes to your partner. So, let them know who you really far. In this case, your patience is very demanded.

If you and your lover have much courage and confidence, looking for people who sympathize with you and is known by his family. With help from this person probably could help melt your his family hearts. As young people, you are free to love each other, enjoy the beauty of the flowers of love and do not give up the thought that is not really. But when it is determined to get married then make sure you both have the consent of both the families, because marriage that is not blessed family often hit by unexpected storm.

"Although in my heart, there is only you, but love is not everything"

We can not sacrifice everything just because of love. Learn to accept the fact, if you already fight for your love but still not get the blessings. Believe me there are still other love for you. Do pray to Allah and do solat istikharah.

*Advice for myself and people who have the same problem.

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