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Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

                 I  heard from my friends about Legoland when we were celebrated Aidilfitri this year. At my hometown, Semporna Sabah we don't have such a big theme park, so I just had went to beautiful island such as Mabul island. My friend which is study at University Tun Hussein Onn told us about Legoland but we didn't have chance to experince it with our own self.
             After my friend told us about Legoland and many kind of games inside it, I went to cyber cafe and google it. I though Legoland have same concept with other theme park like sunway lagoon. But i was wrong, Lagoland is so much different from other theme park. The lego bricks concept makes Legoland special and different. I  think I'm only gonna dream about it because....
           "I don't have money!" That is why Maybank should let me win and give me the ticket...huhuhuhu I didn't have enough money to go there, my budget just enough to support my life in University. With Maybank help, I might go there with my friends. Please Maybank let me win ^^ scroll down and you see me crying dying want to win the ticket......ngeeee...
"I'm dying want to win!"
                  To cure my emotion dying want to go there but don't have enough money, me and my friends back then imagine our self having fun at the legoland. We share about things that we want to play there and take a lots of pictures togther. Hahahahaha sound childish right?
                  Finally at 11.18pm on 27/9/2012, I accidentally saw  from Maybank's fan page about the contest to win the tickets to Legoland. With this I know that I have chance to go there.  Not 100%  that I'm gonna win it but at least I believe even with 1% on my mind that I not gonna only dream it but I'm going to achieve it. I Still have chance although many participant  join this contest. Maybank should give me ticket to Legoland because I need it more than anyone else!

              I need to experience the joy  at Legoland with my own self and It will be nice if I can bring my friends. Last words from me " Pick me and I'm gonna remember it in my whole life, thank you maybank"

^^lots of love^^

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things happen to my sewing machine..

i said before that i owex dream to make my own clothes rite..hehehehe the sewing machine i bought last year was broken by me..i dun how to use it.. i tried to sew a skirt but finally its end with nothing.. i left the machine   and ask my brother in law to fix it and use it...i dun think i can sew... really dun have talent ooo to sew 0.0