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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is "KAMI"

       This few days i been watching drama "KAMI"..its quite interesting walaupun permulaannya agak mengelirukan but i can catch up the story. Its about how WE make friends, teenage problems, family issue and how we going to handle all the problems that come to us while we still young.

 hey i found out something about friends here, WE have same hobby, like the same muzic, and many others similarities even we look different to each others.. but we still have that geng aura.. boleh kamcing gtu.. and if you guys have some times, i suggest you all watching this drama series or the movie.. huhuhu youtube ada..

P/s: Selamat menemukan dan mencari rakan-rakan sejati.^__^ lot of smile yoo..

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