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Monday, December 20, 2010

BreakUP? I'm Fed UP!

well how many times you have hear or read this word???"breakup"...twice or maybe ten times already?Its hurt to heard that right??if you have then that's mean we're same
I'm fed up already with these!unfortunately i can't erased it from my life dictionary.when it came to a new relationship,i knew it will be end with this sentence "Lets just break up!"
Its easy for boys to said that.But now,i wont let them kick myself or let me down because i stronger enough to face it.
No point i cries over damn bf,as they like i will let them know what?one day i will get someone better and know how to appreciate myself.
Well no need to rush.There are still many things i have to learn in this world.Just take one step at the time.
I just need to go forward and never look back.
If they comeback,well I'm sorry mister,you just blow your chance
And now,back up boys,new game coming!
Its too late to comeback,don't ever look for me.
whats the point in talking more?
Emmm like people said:life must go on and be happy.SMILE!

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